This Ol’ House and Archeology

Basement Before

Before the paint. Notice the back entrance.

We were given the keys to move a few things into the new house. Those things were the washer, dryer, and stove. But the plug in for the dryer was wrong, and the plug in for the stove was wrong! Whatever. Fifty dollars later and I’ve changed the cords but then found out they wired the dryer connection wrong (with 10/2 instead of 10/3 wire if you want to know).

The future laundry area is in the basement next to the outside entrance. Yup, we have a new internal stairs but they left the older entrance to the basement, the external stairs. This is not a bad thing since it makes it much easier to get things into and out of the basement.

But the curious thing is this one room in the basement looks like it was done in stone and then coated in cement, while the rest of the basement looks like it’s poured concrete. We asked when the house was build and they aren’t sure but the guess is about 100 years ago.

Now we think we have another theory that explains this. Can you guess?

This is the basement after the paint job.

This is the basement after the paint job.

We think this laundry room of stone was a root/storm cellar with it’s typical mid-western outside access door. If you’ve watched The Wizard of Oz you know the drill, rush outside, probably in this case to the back yard, open the storm cellar door and go in before the tornado hits. And store things in it that are better kept cool. This means the previous house was small. When they built the current house they just used the previous cellar and poured a bigger one on the west end.

To improve the looks I’ve painted a waterproof coat on the older basement walls since they were a bit wet. During the process we also had a new dryer vent cut in the side of the house and replaced a joust that had old and obvious termite damage.

Here the kitchen is in the middle of being painted.

Here the kitchen is in the middle of being painted.

Leaving the rest of the basement for a while it was on to the kitchen  and its bathroom. Chosen colors were Whisper Yellow and Demure Pink. I’d love to talk to the people whose job is to pick color names. My old house had color in it but all my adult life was done in muted colors and neutrals. Time for a change by letting the color animal in me come out. Now only about 25 gallons of paint to go!


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