Home Improvements 1

This is our kitchen in daylight.

This is our kitchen in daylight. Look closely at the workbench.

Some have wondered about our new old house so I thought I’d post a couple pictures.

First our kitchen. Notice the wonderful island! It used to be called a workbench. When we got the house they were going to put in an ugly a**ed stainless steel table which seemed more suitable for autopsies. Meg and I said no thanks, and used the money for other things. But we still needed a table, and as we were thinking about where things would go when we moved in, Meg suggested using the Sears Craftsman workbench I had for the island. It had drawers, it had a solid top, and it was about the size we thought we needed from diagrams we’d drawn. Using the workbench would let us see if it was really right. It turns out that it fits just about perfectly for our needs. So now when we have money to build a wooden one, and when we have space to put the Craftsman one somewhere, we’ll  move this one out.

On the left you can see one of our two pantries we have in the house. It was originally for a small stackable washer and drier, but we needed more space, didn’t want to spend the money, and wanted the light, so our old machines went into the basement. By the way, this house is the lightest I’ve ever seen, just an amazing amount of light comes in. On the right is the pink bathroom.

Red Room, Flag, and Dragon

Red Room, Flag, and Dragon

On the right is the study with my father’s old wooden roll top desk and a dragon weathervane we hope to get on top the house someday, perhaps when my rock climbing son comes through town. I originally put it on my “permanent” house in Lincoln, but life is change so when I moved to KC I brought it along. I was born in the year of the dragon, and expect the dragon to rise again. This was the hardest room to paint. The red required five coats which made it so thick it was like a plastic film. When I pulled the masking tape off the paint film pulled away too in some spots. So I’ll be doing touch ups someday in the future.

More pictures soon!

2 thoughts on “Home Improvements 1

  1. Wow, great colors!! And I do love that “workbench” – great usage for it in its new incarnation. It’s that kind of “thinking outside the box” that can really “make” a house! I also love the big windows, so common in an older house. We have a “Red Room” too, only I need to repaint one wall to get rid of the strange, artsy stripe effect that was done…not my taste! Oh well, that’s the fun of a new place: making it your own! 🙂

    • I love you Joan for replying in my blog! Thanks. I’m having fun doing this, finding my voice if you will so it’s good to have your comment. Please keep it up.

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