Colorizing The House

It’s been a long time without updates to the blog. Moving in was a three truck and three month affair. Two 16′ budget trucks to move the Lincoln house (which is finally sold after 6 months). We had great friends in Lincoln to help us load up and feed us (shout out to Kelly for using his can cooker).

Our Front Porch

Our Front Porch

To move all the stuff that had accumulated at Meg’s apartment required a 24′ truck, along with two or three guys, depending on the time of day. And me. The movers thought I might have a career being a grunt.  It was a compliment but no thanks!

We are finally beginning to feel like we can expect to find something when we wonder where it is. All in all we love the house and mostly like the neighborhood. The worst part is the abandoned church across the street. A couple weeks ago they were making an independent film in there for a few days so maybe I’ll see our house in the movies someday. I’ll have to remember to watch for Kick Ass productions in the theaters.

We’re a five minute walk from Meg’s work and the library so I don’t have to get so many magazines and store so many of my own books! It’s also one minute from I-70 but because of the hills we can’t hear the road noise, only the occasional train or barge whistle (we’re two blocks from the Kansas river and only ¼ mile from where it joins the Missouri river). And we know several of our neighbors already, even being invited to an open house the other day.

Paint Cans In Front of the House

Here are some of the paint cans that have gone into the house.

I’ve painted about 25 gallons. Here’s a picture of some of those gallons. Downstairs we wanted a nice transition as you can see completely through the house from the front window. So the front room is bright red, the dining room is orange, the kitchen yellow, and pink for the bathroom. Upstairs was inspired by pictures of the ocean shore that Meg’s sister Melissa had given us: sky blue, aqua, a sand brown, cobalt blue, and lavender.

So all in all we are settling in!

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