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Robert Losee

The Curious Mind Stored In Here

This blog is about those things that interest me. And there’s a lot that interests me. That’s the first thing that would help you to understand who I am and what I’m about; and why I pick these topics.

The second thing is that I find the process/means much more important than the outcome. When I was nine years old I learned about Einstein’s twin paradox (not really a paradox at all) i.e. if a twin took a 2 million years round trip to Andromeda Galaxy at near light speed they might age 20 years and come back to find things a bit different around the planet which aged 2 million years. That was pretty cool but what really set the direction of much that I am about was a comment that some scientist found the paradox hard to understand and accept.

My majors were computer science because it interested me, math because it was hard (only foreign languages were harder), and economics because it was plain fun and I needed an entertaining break.

The mountain scene at the top of my pages is from a place I fell in love with many years ago, deciding right then and there I wanted my ashes scattered there after I’m done with those atoms. If you’re interested in where the picture was taken from see below.

If you have Google Earth and want the exact location and perspective you can download and open this KML file.

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