This is a nice article in The Atlantic on the polarization of the country and the effects it’s having on our democracy, Politics Is More Broken Than Ever—Political Scientists Need to Admit It.

Boy Scout Project & Beekeeping

I ran across this article about beekeeping in Laramie WY, which given their short growing season and cold is remarkable in itself. But the best part is a Boy Scout’s Eagle project was to get the ordinance changed so that beekeeping was allowed in the city. As a former Eagle scout, with two sons who are Eagles, and as a former Scoutmaster, this is the most amazing Eagle scout project I’ve ever heard of. Bravo!

How I Wish Journalist Would Present Science

I love John Oliver and his fair and balanced coverage. Here he does science like I wish all journalists would do it, more or less:

The Supremes Pick By Political Cognition

How judicial appointments can affect the perceptions of cases was shown in this article:

For Justices, Free Speech Often Means ‘Speech I Agree With

In short it does matter what justices are chosen for the Supreme Court.

Super Model (of The Universe)

Very well done computer simulation of the evolution of a part of the universe:

Out of This World! Virtual Universe Looks Like the Real Thing

Obamacare Evaluated By The Insurance Industry

Interesting data point on Obamacare by the insurance industry:

NYT’s article “Called by Republicans, Health Insurers Deliver Unexpected Testimony“.